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Private Educational Guidance Counselling

Guidance Coach: Stephen Crump M.A., Certified Career Development Practitioner

The last few years of high school can create tremendous pressure for students to decide on further education.

  • Our teens are often ill-equipped to know what to choose.
  • Many students change their majors at least once in the course of their university/college studies.
  • A university education can cost $40,000 to $80,000+. This investment is a substantial commitment on the part of parents and students without consultation and clear direction.

Thrive’ guidance program offers a “private guidance counsellor” for students and young adults.  Our coach provides the tools needed to make confident decisions about the future. Through assessment and guided coaching conversations, students gain a more precise knowledge of themselves, their strengths, values, educational options.  Additionally, parents gain confidence regarding their child’s future.

Working with Ellen over the past year our daughter has developed into the calm, confident young woman she is today. Thank you Ellen for all the skill and support you have demonstrated.

Before students can select and their educational path, they need to learn more about themselves and the available options that are right for them.

Thrive Guidance program includes:
  1.  Personality and Interest Inventories

Our assessments and narrative conversations can help by giving your teen insight into their interests, preferences, and personal styles.  Our coach enables students to identify specific courses, jobs, internships, and activities they are likely to enjoy. This clarity will significantly increase their motivation and confidence.

  1. Individual Coaching Sessions

We offer in-depth coaching sessions to uncover a student’s strengths, values, passions, skills and interests.  This information connects students to potential educational options that fit well with their profile and interests.

  1. Reports

Following each session, the coach provides a complete email summary to parents and students.


Who we help

We specialize in providing individual educational and career counselling services for:

  • High school students attempting to determine fulfilling educational and career paths
  • As high school students look ahead to their post-secondary futures, they find themselves at a crossroads in their lives. Some are fortunate in that they know precisely what post-secondary educational path they plan to follow.  Many, however, are uncertain concerning what direction to pursue.  For these students, the various paths ahead can seem like a confusing labyrinth in which it is difficult to locate an appropriate starting point.  This uncertainty causes much stress for many.  We help high school students find educational paths that are appropriate for them as individuals and guide them in their first steps forward.
  • Post-secondary students who are reconsidering the appropriateness of their chosen educational program
  • Many post-secondary students find the program they have entered to be less than they had hoped. In fact, it is estimated that 30 percent of undergraduate students change their majors at least once before graduating from post-secondary school.  If you find yourself in this position, we can help make sense of the many choices you are now facing and help you find a better fit.
  • Adults in the midst of career changes or looking to reenter the workforce
  • If you are an adult who is looking to reenter the workforce after some time away, or are faced with a career change, you may be feeling overwhelmed by the choices before you. We can help you navigate your way forward on sure footing.

How we help

Each of us is a unique being and will create our own unique path through the world.  We can help you find a path that is rewarding for you as an individual.  Only when we develop deeper understandings of ourselves as these relate to our educational and career goals will we be equipped to choose a fulfilling path.

How do we help you discover your future?

Most programs use formal interest-based assessments to provide educational and career guidance.  These assessments can be helpful and do have their place.  In fact, we use them in our program.  On their own, however, their value is very limited because they are incapable of telling you much about yourself and even less about careers that will be fulfilling for you.  Interest-based assessments simply do not allow for you to engage in the process of personalized self-exploration that is essential to the successful planning of a rewarding future, and only realize their true value when complemented with a professionally guided narrative discussion.  That’s why our primary focus involves a narrative process in which the client takes a personal and active role.  We go beyond passive structured interest inventories to the development of self-awareness.  From this point, our clients are better equipped to make best choices, confirm ideas about next steps, and in turn feel confident and excited about their futures.  Using a narrative approach grounded in a guided shared dialogue, we help you to know “you.”  Only when this happens can you as an individual truly engage in a journey of personal self-exploration that will lead to valid insights regarding a rewarding future.  Self-knowledge is key to making all life decisions, and fundamentally important when deciding our futures.

Through skillfully guided dialogue supplemented by formal assessment, we lead and encourage you all the way: there are no good or bad traits, better or worse; there is just you.  Equipped with your enhanced self-awareness, you will be far better able to step forward into your future with the confidence of knowing you are moving ahead on the sure footing of self-knowledge and understanding.

We then help you apply this deepened self-knowledge to determine specific educational and career options that are good fits for you.  We also help you draw up an action plan to direct you on the path toward creating your fulfilling future.

What we do

  • Educational and Career Counselling
    • Help you gain clarity as you move forward into your future
  • Action plan Co-create your action plan
    • Co-create with you a plan for making a fulfilling career your reality
  • Job interview preparation
    • Help ensure you are well prepared to ace your next job interview
  • Resumes and cover letters
    • Help you develop resumes and cover letters that will make you stand out
  • University and college application support
  • Scholarship application supp

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