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Private Educational Guidance Counselling

Guidance Coach: Stephen Crump M.A., Certified Career Development Practitioner

The last few years of high school can create tremendous pressure for students to decide on further education.

  • Our teens are often ill-equipped to know what to choose.
  • Many students change their majors at least once in the course of their university/college studies.
  • A university education can cost $40,000 to $80,000+. This investment is a substantial commitment on the part of parents and students without consultation and clear direction.

Thrive’ guidance program offers a “private guidance counsellor” for students and young adults.  Our coach provides the tools needed to make confident decisions about the future. Through assessment and guided coaching conversations, students gain a more precise knowledge of themselves, their strengths, values, educational options.  Additionally, parents gain confidence regarding their child’s future.

Working with Ellen over the past year our daughter has developed into the calm, confident young woman she is today. Thank you Ellen for all the skill and support you have demonstrated.

Father of 16 year old, Burlington, ON

Before students can select and their educational path, they need to learn more about themselves and the available options that are right for them.

Thrive Guidance program includes:
  1.  Personality and Interest Inventories

Our assessments and narrative conversations can help by giving your teen insight into their interests, preferences, and personal styles.  Our coach enables students to identify specific courses, jobs, internships, and activities they are likely to enjoy. This clarity will significantly increase their motivation and confidence.

  1. Individual Coaching Sessions

We offer in-depth coaching sessions to uncover a student’s strengths, values, passions, skills and interests.  This information connects students to potential educational options that fit well with their profile and interests.

  1. Reports

Following each session, the coach provides a complete email summary to parents and students.  

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