Individual Counselling and Mindfulness

Deeply interested in your personal story, we join you in a unique counselling dialogue and mindfulness training.  Through story, education, and gentle reflection, we find new ways to understand, new eyes to see, and new words to speak.  It is from this place of “thriving,” life shifts, and there is change.

Thank you for sharing your wisdom and especially for teaching me new ways to look at things! I’ve learned so much from you in these last few months and I can already see the benefits flow out to my family when I make more "mindful" choices.

Mindfulness is the practice of non-judgmental awareness of self and life.  It is a practice that enables self-acceptance, life acceptance and “others” acceptance.  Mindfulness is finding a “present-focused” lens and an intentional awareness of ourselves, including our body’s sensations, inner images, thoughts, and feelings.

Mindfulness meditation is a practice that will assist you in improving attention, self-control, and feelings of well-being.   While it has calming and relaxing effects, the benefit is more deep-rooted in how we learn to have “sight” over our mind and become the observer of our “self.”  All of this works toward greater well-being and health.

Individual counselling combined with mindfulness is positive, powerful, and life-enhancing.  It will grant new eyes to see and new ways to be in this world.  Joining in counselling can be an experience that will empower you in life.

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