Ideas from my counselling practice….. when worry gets in the way!


When worry gets is the way!

Children can be so different.  While one child may not have a care in the world, another may worry about everything –school, friends, clothing, being alone, money etc.  Generally worry is a very natural exercise and can be necessary and very helpful.  For example, if I worry about my mark in math I will choose to study so I don’t fail, or if I worry about crossing the street I will be careful.   However, sometimes worry gets in the way.  Worry can become so big it gets in the way and a child has trouble functioning in a confident way.    What can you do to help?  Here are a few ideas…..

  1. Have your child come up with a name for their worry.  This will help you have conversations about it.  In my counselling practice we have named the worry bug, the fear-o-nator, or the fear bubble.
  2. Stay away from labels such as “she is an anxious child.”  Talk about the worry as something that can be dealt with… “How can we deal with that worry bug?  Don’t let the worry bug keep you from having fun.”  “I think that is the worry bug talking.”
  3. As a parent, try not to feed the worry by compensating too much.  It is a fine line between being a caring, listening parent and knowing how to coach your child to face their fears.

If you have concerns about your child’s worry, please call Dr. Ellen at Thrive for Change Counselling. Together we can find ways to deal with the worry bug.

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