Finding a Child and Family Counsellor in Hamilton/Burlington

As a  counsellor in the Burlington, Hamilton, Ancaster, Dundas areas I am often approached by parents with regard to their  children struggling with emotional challenges.  Parents wonder whether they should be seeking support for their children.  It can be very difficult as a parent to assess whether your children’s worries, anxieties, or issues at school are normal challenges of childhood /adolescence or whether you should be concerned and seek some help.  But here are some basic guidelines to consider:

  • Your child is reticent about going to school, or refusing to go to school (I have a tummy ache) and you cannot resolve this through the school

  • Your child is struggling with their response to any kind of life challenge (divorce, death of someone close, significant family issues such as job loss or new baby, alcoholism)

  • Your child is behaving differently: tired all the time, not socializing, isolating herself, using drugs or alcohol.

  • Your teen/child is expressing to you they are having trouble coping with fears, sadness, self- image and cannot seem to overcome these feeling on his own

  • Your child is complaining of bullying on an ongoing basis

  • Teachers, friends, or coaches have mentioned a concern.

  • You are trying to help, but are not able to help enough.

One of my answers is that if you are unsure, seek help.  The right kind of counselling, focused on growing self esteem and giving kids tools to thrive can in fact be life changing.  In the Burlington, Hamilton, Ancaster, Dundas areas I am happy to be supportive, or to help you find the kind of support required.

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