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Why Consequences Don’t Work!

I counsel many parents in my counselling practice trying to find new ways to address their children’s behaviours.  Many of my counselling parents have read many parenting books which largely focus on behaviour and “logical consequences” as a preferred way of…

10 Commandments of Parenting Teens

Ten Commandments of Parenting Teens Dr. Michael Bradley:  Yes, Your Teen is Crazy! 1. BE THE CALM COP  Be the dispassionate cop:  respectful, calm, name the behaviour, warn about what lies ahead.  Playing a bully cop distracts the teen from…

Connected, but alone?

How is technology impacting the way we have relationships with our children?  Do we communicate more through text than word?  This video by psychologist, Sherry Turkle, has some profound ideas to which we parents need to pay attention. Click Here: