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About Ellen Crump

Ellen Crump MSW, PhD, has worked with children and families for 30 years. Her doctoral research explored how therapy can offer girls tools for thriving and build an identity resilient enough to cope in this disordered world.  If she did not love working with families so much, she would travel to India to see the Taj Mahal, read 100 books, canoe on Lake Muskoka, and spend winters in any place warm.

Ellen Crump MSW, PhD

Drawing on many years of experience and expertise, I help individuals and families move from simply surviving life’s challenges to thriving.  I work in tandem, seeing both the parent(s) for coaching and children for Thrive resiliency counselling. This process effects positive and powerful change in the family system. My approach with individuals and families is positive, affirming and reassuring. I work “shoulder to shoulder”, helping make simple but profound changes.” 

-Ellen Crump

Working with Ellen, I really learned to let go of the future and the worries I had about it. I allowed myself to see the good in our children, and the strengths I bring to our family as their mom. The most profound moment for me was asking me why I was the perfect mom for my son. By hearing Ellen’s voice and conviction that it was true, I was able to see that truth and live that truth. It was incredibly powerful. I learned from within myself in the coaching process. Ellen guided me into my own intuitive knowledge rather than talking ‘at’ me, or giving me solutions that didn’t fit the nuance of my family. The changes you will see are profound and enduring. There is nothing else I have done which has been as impactful in my parenting, than coaching with Ellen.

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