Clients say…

Thank you for sharing your wisdom and especially for teaching me new ways to look at things! I’ve learned so much from you in these last few months and I can already see the benefits flow out to my family when I make more *mindful* choices.Individual Client, Burlington, ON


Thank you. Nicholas continues to do more work at school everyday and he seems calmer and more willing to go with the flow. We are trying to be spontaneous and have already had a few outings  just out of the blue! So much fun! Thanks for everything you do. We are so grateful.Parents Coaching Couple, Beamsville ON


For the past 20 years+ I have been finding my value in the ability to raise four kids, running and maintaining a home and supporting my husband in his business. The process with Ellen helped me identify that by pushing my own needs to the bottom of the pile, I had no way to recharge and see my way clearly through the day. If I was not taking care of myself how effective was I really being in my abilities to take care of others. I needed to let go of the guilt surrounding the pampered  stay at home mom, and realize I am worth it!


The overall quality of home life improved as a direct result of working with Ellen. It took a bit of practice, but with time and re-learning, I found the negative energy was replaced with relationship building. I found myself in a happier place making connections with my kids, living and enjoying life, not just going through the motions. I am more reflective now.Sharron, Burlington, ON


Working with Ellen, I really learned to let go of the future and the worries I had about it. I allowed myself to see the good in our children, and the strengths I bring to our family as their mom. The most profound moment for me was asking me why I was the perfect mom for my son. By hearing Ellen’s voice and conviction that it was true, I was able to see that truth and live that truth. It was incredibly powerful. I learned from within myself in the coaching process. Ellen guided me into my own intuitive knowledge rather than talking ‘at’ me, or giving me solutions that didn’t fit the nuance of my family. The changes you will see are profound and enduring. There is nothing else I have done which has been as impactful in my parenting, than coaching with Ellen. I especially love the personal email notes sent after; I will continue to look back to them for further growth and evolution.Emily, Washington, USA


Thanks Ellen!! I can’t express how my heart ‘floweth’ over when I see her doing so well. She is a different kid from this time last year. I’m just so proud and she’s my kid. Thank you for all your help and your love and care for Lauren. I know we couldn’t have gotten this far without you and the support.Janette, Burlington, ON


Working with Ellen over the past year our daughter has developed into the calm, confident young woman she is today. Thank you Ellen for all the skill and support you have demonstrated.Father of 16 year old, Burlington, ON


I have never gotten anything out of reading books. Any family counseling I have had, did not focus on me, just the issues. Ellen is a very kind and caring person, and being with her was very comfortable, soothing and relaxing.  She made me realize my own self value and the good qualities of my family members, which you never really stop to think about.  Ellen opened my eyes to things I had not really thought about. She asks hard thought provoking questions. Ellen provides tools and strategies to help.  I loved the notes sent to my email. They were very very helpful. It was rewarding to see the Progress and process from start to finish.Mother of Teen and Tween, Burlington, ON


Ellen, thanks so much for everything you’ve done for our son and our family as a whole.  “Ellen has been super accommodating with our appointments.  Our son was always happy to attend his sessions which tells me Ellen’s counselling is very dynamic.   We will come back if he needs further support.”Mother of Grade 4 boy


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