Private Educational Guidance Counselling

OnCourse Guidance Program

Guidance Coach: Stephen Crump M.A., Certified Career Development Practitioner

The last few years of high school can create tremendous pressure for students to make decisions about further education.

  • Our teens are often ill equipped to know what to choose.
  • Many students change their majors at least once in the course of their university/college studies.
  • A university education can cost $40,000 to $80,000+. This is a substantial commitment on the part of parents and teens without consultation and clear direction.


Thrive’s Guidance Program: OnCourse Guidance offers a PRIVATE GUIDANCE COACH for teens in grades 11 and 12 (and victory lap!) who provides the tools and confidence needed to make clear decisions about the future. Through a series of top rated assessments and guided coaching conversations, students have fuller knowledge of themselves and their educational options, and parents feel confidence regarding the future.

The OnCourse Guidance program includes:

1.  Personality and Interest Inventories

Before students can select a career, they need to find the path that’s right for them. Our assessments and narrative conversations can help by giving your teen insight into their interests, preferences, and personal styles.  Our Counsellor enables them to identify specific courses, jobs, internships, and activities they’re likely to enjoy. This will greatly increase their motivation and the likelihood that they’ll stay in school and ultimately graduate.

2. Individual Coaching Sessions

We offer individual coaching sessions in which key questions are asked to move  your teen in a confident direction.

3. Reports

Following each  session a full email summary is provided to parents and students.  Your teen will be provided with at least 3 possible educational choices.

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