The Secret to Life….really

  Gratitude is the Secret to Life   Albert Schweitzer One of the most important elements of the thriving for kids is to awaken them to gratitude.  Focusing your thoughts of gratitude actually changes the pathways of your brain creating feelings of well-being and a change in attitude, behavior, and energy.  … Continue reading

Please, frustrate your kids!

In my counselling practice I am often consulted by parents seeking counselling for their children for  being  “out of control” or “explosive.”  Sometimes,  it is not really anger that is the issue, but the inability to deal with frustration.  Here are some thoughts on frustration and why it is important … Continue reading

Why Consequences Don’t Work!

I counsel many parents in my counselling practice trying to find new ways to address their children’s behaviours.  Many of my counselling parents have read many parenting books which largely focus on behaviour and “logical consequences” as a preferred way of influencing children.  In parent counselling,  I like to counsel parents … Continue reading

Angel Thoughts

As a child and adolescent counsellor I offer children tools to build an identity resilient enough to fully cope with living in this disordered world.  Counselling with children I spend a lot of time teaching them about their thoughts and how their brains work.  Many of our children’s problems arise … Continue reading