R.A.I.N for Anxiety

R.A.I.N. is a wonderful acronym to remind you how to deal with uncomfortable emotions.   It is a practice of mindful awareness, looking at emotion and thought from a place of non-judgment and curiosity.  R.A.I.N. stands for: Recognition Acceptance Investigation Non-Identification The first step is recognition:  Recognition is being honest with … Continue reading

How to sit with an emotion.

We live in a culture which focuses on the importance of feeling good, being happy, having confidence, being strong.   Society values positive emotion while teaching us to strive against feelings of fear, anger, worry, loneliness, or inadequacy.  Our culture dictates that if we do experience these darker emotions we need … Continue reading

Postmodern Counselling: Some thoughts on Labeling and the DSM-5

The practice of psychotherapy is quite a modern phenomenon, beginning as we know it with Sigmund Freud and his “talking cure” in the late 19th century Vienna.  Various psychotherapies grew from this inception ground, framed within the modernist paradigm and concentrating on the functioning of the individual.  When we consider … Continue reading