Appreciative Family Counselling™

Our philosophy of Appreciative Family Counselling is based on the foundation of looking within to uncover our  values and strengths, through mindfulness examining our inner reactions,  and using appreciative  inquiry as  an insightful and powerful facilitation tool.  Rather than using  traditional interventions of changing behaviours and communication patterns Thrive Counselling marries the process of appreciative inquiry with a focus on deepening relationships,  inner reflection, and principles of positivity.  Employing a profound proven strategy of transformational change, this approach brings marriages, families and children to a new level of living!


Why it works….

How Appreciative Family Counselling differs from Problem Solving and Therapy Interventions.

Focuses on what needs to be fixed Focuses on what needs to grow within the family or marriage system. What you focus on grows!
Focuses on “problems” to be overcome, creating a feeling of inadequacy Focuses on relationships and self discovery rather than simply behaviors.
Builds on strengths, and what is best in the family or marriage. Builds positive regard between partners, parents and children, often giving both new eyes.
Thinks in terms of problem, symptoms, causes, solutions, action plan. Focus is on individual responsibility in the family Thinks in terms of what is possible, and what the family or marriage can be.

Focuses on family as a living relational system.(Does not require the whole family to be present; change in one will effect change to the whole).

Slow pace of change – requiring a lot of positive emotion to make real change Quickly creates a new dynamic around a positive vision of the future.

Using the model of AFE, your family will begin to “thrive.”

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