Anger Management for Children

Do you have a child whose frustration level escalates into smashed Lego creations, ripped up homework, kicked doors and explosive hate filled language? Do you have a child that melts into angry tears, sobbing inconsolably?
How do you deal with this? “We don’t throw our toys!” “Go to your room!” “You have hurt your sister!”
Parents try consequences, timeouts, physical restraints, but nothing seems to work. The “anger” behaviours appear to get worse; not only your child’s behaviour but your behaviour too.
“He must have an anger problem.”
The whole family is suffering.

First, we must begin to realise that behind every behaviour is an emotion or need. We must understand behaviour is communication. Mostly your child is saying, I am feeling something SO  big I cannot handle it, and this is how I am communicating it to you….hitting, slamming doors, crying, lying on the floor like a sobbing bundle.
What your child needs is not a consequence, but a way out of the behaviour.

Counselling will offer an understanding of “anger” and how to cope with big emotions.

Working with parent and child, together we will work on emotions (everyone’s), appropriate responses to triggers, and understanding the dynamics of the system.  Parents begin to enhance the ability to deal with anxieties, frustrations, and anger giving a child clues and models for dealing with his.

Counselling offers parenting strategies for dealing with their child’s emotions and teaches both parents and children ways to self-regulate and find new levels of calm.


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